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Dispute Resolution lawyers - Jersey

Our Dispute Resolution lawyers effectively defend and resolve disputes with the aim of achieving the right commercial results for our clients. If you have a question for our specialist Jersey Dispute Resolution lawyers, please complete our online enquiry form or call 0044 (0)1534 620500.

Our aim at Sinels is to achieve the right result for our clients at the earliest possible opportunity by being responsive, approachable and by providing exceptional Jersey dispute resolution advice. Always.

Our involvement from the very early stages of any potentially contentious matter, including regulatory and extradition issues, will enable us to determine a strategy for our clients which will, at best, avoid legal proceedings or other action arising from regulatory or extradition issues. This initial involvement will ensure that we are best placed to advise from the outset on the common pitfalls to be avoided and pursue the best possible course of action for damage limitation at all levels. In the event that action of whatever description cannot be avoided we see our role in the next stages as one of steering our clients through the dispute towards a satisfactory resolution.

In some cases, however, avoidance and resolution is not possible and in those circumstances our fearless litigators have the experience and technical knowledge necessary, drawing on our relationships with UK counsel and other advisers to strengthen the team, to ensure the best possible result in the Jersey Courts.

Our results speak for themselves.

Litigation funding in Jersey

We have been putting litigation funding forward as an option and, indeed, raising money for our clients for over three years. We currently have a number of cases that are either funded or are in the process of being funded where our application is in train. For example, in one case the opposition had deliberately abused the litigation process over a period of years thus resulting in the worthy claimant becoming ill and running out of funding. We raised funding post judgement to deal with arrears of fees in order for us to take the case forward to enforcement. If you have a question about litigation funding in Jersey, please complete our online enquiry form or call 0044 (0)1534 620500.

Areas of expertise

  • Alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration
  • Banking and finance disputes
  • Company Law, including disputes between shareholders and directors
  • Contractual disputes
  • Debt recovery across international borders
  • Dispute resolution and avoidance
  • Fraud, asset recovery and anti-money laundering
  • Fund litigation
  • Insolvency and restructuring
  • Negligence – medical and professional
  • Trust and estate disputes, international and offshore

Recent Cases

Acting for Leeds Utd FC in a successful judgement against Admatch – first time in Jersey that costs awards have been granted against a Director

Sinels act for the claimants in these actions. Sinels have been successful in obtaining judgment and costs awards against Admatch and costs awards against Mr Weston who has been held to be maintaining the Admatch litigation for his own benefit.

This is the first time that a costs order has been obtained against a Director in Jersey.

Judgment has been obtained against Admatch together with an order that Admatch provide information for enforcement purposes. As a result of non-compliance with this order, Sinels are issuing proceedings for contempt of court. As regards the proceedings against Mr Weston and Mr Levi, the parties are due to appear before the Court of Appeal for a decision as to forum in the early course of 2012.

Legal Advisors: Philip Sinel, Richard Wakeham, Steven Chiddicks, Lauren Glynn

Winning a £1.5m claim for Barclays Private Client International Ltd

Sinels was instructed by Barclays Private Client International Limited in relation to claims pursuant to guarantees that it had as against the insolvent estate of Mr Hickman. Barclays was the largest creditor with a claim in excess of £1.5m. Sinels successfully ensured that improper proprietary claims were refused such that Barclays obtained the maximum payment possible in the circumstances.

Legal Advisors: Philip Sinel, Richard Wakeham, Steven Chiddicks


We advised the newly appointed corporate trustee in this very high profile litigation regarding a significant breakdown of relations between members of a wealthy Saudi Arabian family. The litigation involved serious and wide-ranging allegations of breach of trust and fiduciary duty. We provided strategic advice, resolving this litigation rapidly to the benefit of the ultimate clients.

Legal Advisors: Philip Sinel, Richard Wakeham

Expert opinion on an alleged $500m fraud and misdirection of company assets

Sinels were instructed by a leading London law firm to provide an expert opinion for the claimant as to the law on corporate governance in Jersey in respect of various issues in an arbitration to take place before Sir Gavin Lightman in London. The instruction related to the statutory and fiduciary duties placed on directors of a company incorporated in Jersey and the need for them to disclose personal interests which might conflict with the interests of their principal company, the exact nature and scope of their actual and ostensible authority and the ability of the company to ratify any breaches of such duties.  The arbitration followed injunctive proceedings which locked down US$500m and involved allegations of fraud and misdirection of company assets which amounted to substantial claims and counterclaims.

Legal Advisors: Richard Wakeham

Successful judgement against Capita Trustees for $1.4m. Eckman v. Capita Trustees Limited, Eckman v. Sidem International Limited and Patrick Michault

Sinels successfully obtained judgment against Mr Michault in excess of £3.5m and Capita Trustees Limited in the sum of US$1.4m in actions to set aside transactions entered with the intent of defrauding creditors. Capita Trustees Limited was ordered to transfer the ownership of a property in Mallorca to the claimant in satisfaction of the debt it owed to the claimant. Sinels then secured litigation funding for the enforcement proceedings which are now in train in Mallorca under the management and supervision of Sinels. Sinels will soon be moving to enforce other money judgments and costs awards obtained in the initial proceedings against Mr Michault in other jurisdictions in the immediate future.

Legal Advisors: Richard Wakeham, Adam Marshall