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Using stolen documents: Advocate James v Law Society of Jersey

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Using stolen documents: Advocate James v Law Society of Jersey [2017] JRC047B This case concerns the use of documents not obtained via proper means, and in particular, the obligations of a lawyer in respect of those documents. Summary ...

Constitutional Change

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The long awaited report and recommendations from the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry have, at long last, appeared. The Island owes a great debt to a number of people: Frances Oldham QC and her two panel members, Professor Sandy Cameron and Mrs Alyson...

LIBOR Fixing - what does this mean for me?

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  Sinels has recovered tens of millions of pounds from a variety of banks over a number of years.  Recent focus has been on the mis-selling of LIBOR-related products, primarily swaps, a form of Interest Rate Hedging Product (which are the focus of...

Two senior appointments to our Jersey team

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Advocate Robin Leeuwenburg, a litigation expert with extensive experience of handling complex commercial, trust and financial services cases, has joined Sinels Advocates as a Partner. He will work alongside newly-appointed Partner, Advocate Steven Chiddicks,...

Abuse of Power - Regulating the Regulator

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W  v The Jersey Financial Services Commission [2016] JRC 231A   We act for the Appellant in a long running litigation with the Jersey Financial Services Commission (the “Regulator”) and we have just received an interlocutory...

Continuing condemnation of the SEB by the Complaints Board

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Following the Complaints Board’s second publication which continued to condemn the conduct of the States Employment Board (SEB), Dr Alwitry issued a press release.  Image: Dr Alwitry ​Source: Circle Health Extracts of...

The dismissal of Dr Alwitry and where the States are now...

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Dr Alwitry’s unlawful sacking has been an ongoing feature in the local press and has been the subject of much debate in the States Assembly.  Dr Alwitry’s case has received substantial support from several politicians, and as a result, a...

Sinels EQ

Philip Sinel, Jersey Advocate and litigation lawyer

Introducing our blog: ‘Sinels EQ’ “All men by nature desire to know” … Aristotle Why Sinels EQ? Blogging about legal matters should be written by ‘those in the know’ in order to be informative, newsworthy...