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At Sinels we advise on a diverse range of contentious and non-contentious matters.

These are a selection of cases and deals we have worked on, with many more subject to client confidentiality.

States of Jersey Complaints Board
Sinels represented Dr Alwitry in respect of a complaint made to the Complaints Board regarding the States Employment Board’s purported withdrawal of an offer of employment.  The Complaints Board’s findings were the subject of much media attention not least of all because they found resoundingly that the States Employment Board had acted unlawfully, unjustly and oppressively but also because they found that there were serious institutional failings.  The recommendations made by the Complaints Board went wider than potential compensation to Dr Alwitry and suggested clear changes to the procedure and training within States Departments and will no doubt have a far reaching impact for Jersey and employees in general. 
Data protection issues; Alwitry v States Employment Board and Another:
Sinels acted for Dr Alwitry in relation to subject access requests made against the States Employment Board and the Minister for Health and Social Services pursuant to the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005.  The requests where heavily resisted and the Court was required to consider the same, which was a novel area of law for the Court, and it found in favour of Dr Alwitry and made orders that material containing Dr Alwitry’s personal data must be disclosed.  This case involved inter alia a cross examination of the former Solicitor General by Advocate Chiddicks.
Replacement of trustees; Stock v Pantrust International SA and others:
Sinels acted for Pantrust in relation to proceedings commenced to replace Pantrust as trustees of alleged trusts.  The Court removed Pantrust but orders were made preserving the alleged trust assets pending debt disputes between the parties. 
Guarantor’s liabilities:
Sinels acted for a guarantor of a commercial lease who was called upon following the collapse of a business partnership.  Sinels successfully negotiated and reached a settlement with the landlord to break the lease and to discount the debt due. 
Interest rate hedging product dispute:
Sinels were instructed by a local company who is a significant employer in the hospitality industry.  Sinels’ client was involved in a dispute with a major bank regarding the mis-selling of an interest rate swap.  Sinels negotiated a successful outcome for the client by having the swap and associated costs cancelled and the debt to the bank reduced by approximately £10m; somewhere in the region of 33% of the overall indebtedness.  The fee spend to result ratio was around 45 to 1. 
Executor issues:
Sinels acted for an Executor in respect of claims being made against the Estate.  The Executor sought a second opinion in respect of advice so far received concerning a protracted and unpleasant dispute between step siblings over a multi-million pound Estate.  Sinels provided advice and engaged with the other parties and caused the matter to be settled in weeks involve little cost and maximum results.
Insurance litigation; Haden-Taylor v Canopious Underwriting Ltd and others:
Sinels acted for a client who was involved in proceedings issued by her ex-husband who had a life interest in one of her properties and was making vexatious claims against her and the insurers of the property and the insurance brokers.  Sinels successfully got the claims struck out as against their client together with costs. 
Mrs B; finances and children issues:
Sinels represented the wife in divorce, private children issues and ancillary proceedings against the husband.  The matrimonial assets were worth approximately £1m consisting of trusts, the matrimonial home and the husband’s interest in various companies. This matter was settled shortly after a directed mediation involving a Deputy High Court Judge. 
Quick sale of a property:
Sinels represented an individual in respect of a property dispute.  Sinels successfully negotiated the terms of sale without recourse to the Court, with limited fees incurred and a quick turnaround.
Sinels were involved in an action in the Execution Courts in Bahrain in respect of a multi-million pound debt claim against a world-renowned fraudster.  Significant pressure and on the ground presence led to an arrest of the debtor and a successful hearing before the Execution Court.
£10m refinancing matter:
Sinels were instructed by a UK law firm to act for a large bank on a multi-jurisdiction refinancing deal and a cross-border hedging agreement. 
£22m land development:
Sinels acted for all parties on one side of a dispute arising from a joint venture regarding land development in the United Kingdom which is now to be sold net of overage payments for the sum of £22m. 
Commercial settlements for local architects:
Sinels advised a firm of local architects in relation to the terms of commercial settlements on two separate occasions. Sinels also advised in relation to defamatory comments that had been made and threatened to be made at a planning meeting by a rival firm of local architects. 
Restructuring of pan Channel Islands nurseries and English property group:
Sinels acted for one party to a joint venture in successful commercial negotiations for the restructuring of a joint venture that owned and managed a group of companies including the ownership of pan Channel Islands childcare nurseries and a substantial property in England. 
Asset restructuring and commercial negotiation:
Sinels acted for the first appointed Commissioner for Financial Services in Gibraltar and his family in relation to the administration of his privately owned trust company administered by a group of regulated entities in Jersey. Following the improper resignation from office by the directors of the private trust company, steps were taken to restructure the assets in Guernsey and there followed a commercial negotiation in relation to the conduct of the outgoing directors.
Advised a regulated entity in the purchase and sale of pharmaceutical patents:
Sinels advised a regulated entity as sole director of a company owning an English company involved in the purchase and sale of pharmaceutical patents. One of the ultimate beneficial co-owners sought suspension of the board of directors on the basis of their tangential involvement and/or knowledge of acts of bribery and fraud. 
Advised on a joint venture in relation to property investment:
Sinels advised on a joint venture in relation to property investment in light of the mismanagement of income and following exploration of various exit strategies assisted client in setting down a rigorous structure for the ongoing management of the investment opportunity. 
Secured a buy-out package for a shareholder and director of local recruitment firm:
Sinels acted for a shareholder and director of an established local recruitment agency amidst board and shareholder disputes. Secured a buy out package. 
Acted for Leeds United FC against Admatch:
Sinels have been successful in obtaining judgment and costs awards against Admatch and costs awards against its director who has been held to be maintaining the Admatch litigation for his own benefit. This is the first time that a costs order has been obtained against a director in Jersey. Judgment was obtained against Admatch together with an order that Admatch provide information for enforcement purposes. As a result of non-compliance with this order, Sinels successfully brought a contempt action against the director.
Winning a £1.5m claim for Barclays Private Client International Ltd:
Sinels was instructed by Barclays Private Client International Limited in relation to claims pursuant to guarantees that it had as against the insolvent estate of Mr Hickman. Barclays was the largest creditor with a claim in excess of £1.5m. Sinels successfully ensured that improper proprietary claims were refused such that Barclays obtained the maximum payment possible in the circumstances. 
Expert opinion on an alleged $500m fraud and misdirection of company assets:
Sinels were instructed by a leading London law firm to provide an expert opinion for the claimant as to the law on corporate governance in Jersey in respect of various issues in an arbitration to take place before Sir Gavin Lightman in London. The instruction related to the statutory and fiduciary duties placed on directors of a company incorporated in Jersey and the need for them to disclose personal interests which might conflict with the interests of their principal company, the exact nature and scope of their actual and ostensible authority and the ability of the company to ratify any breaches of such duties.  The arbitration followed injunctive proceedings which locked down US$500m and involved allegations of fraud and misdirection of company assets which amounted to substantial claims and counterclaims. 
Successful judgment against Capita Trustees for $1.4m. Eckman v. Capita Trustees Limited, Eckman v. Sidem International Limited and Patrick Michault:
Sinels successfully obtained judgment against Mr Michault in excess of US$3.5m and Capita Trustees Limited in the sum of US$1.4m in actions to set aside transactions entered with the intent of defrauding creditors. Capita Trustees Limited was ordered to transfer the ownership of a property in Mallorca to the claimant in satisfaction of the debt it owed to the claimant. Sinels then secured litigation funding for enforcement proceedings.
Defending an alleged $8m breach of fiduciary duty and fraud claim. Jean Lawson & Others v. Belgravia Asset Management Limited, Ronald Mitchell and Volaw Funds GP Limited:
Sinels were instructed in relation to claims of negligence, breach of contract, misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty and fraud. The claims arise from an alleged failure by a closed partnership fund to comply with investment restrictions regarding investing in the global mining and resource sectors. The claims relate to investments of US$8m.  
Successfully defending a £1m damages claim. Slater and others v. Turrill Limited and N V Bates Limited:
Sinels were instructed by UK law firm Berrymans Lace Mawer (who were acting on behalf of Aviva Insurance Limited) to defend a claim for damages arising in respect of a collapsed rock face.  The claimants alleged that liability to repair and make safe the rock face was in excess of £1m. Following Sinels’ client’s application for leave to bring a third party claim shortly prior to trial, the claim was discontinued on confidential terms to the satisfaction of Sinels’ client. 
Appeal on a point of law not previously heard in Jersey:
Sinels acted for the claimants in a construction dispute that had been put to arbitration.  Following a successful application from the claimants to have the defendant debarred from filing a defence and counterclaim, the defendant brought an application to dismiss the arbitrator on the basis of bias and procedural unfairness.  The application succeeded on the latter ground but was overturned on appeal to the satisfaction of Sinels' clients.
US$60m land dispute in Anguilla:
Sinels provided advice and guidance to the claimants in the management of proceedings before the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court in Anguilla. The dispute is complex and claims worth US$60m are made in respect of the beneficial ownership of land in Anguilla which has purportedly been sold pursuant to a charge in favour of lenders who have provided partial funding for the development of a golf course and luxury properties in Anguilla. 
Claims of wholesale concealment and corruption in Jersey. Syvret v. Chief Minister, States Employment Board, States of Jersey and Her Majesty’s Attorney-General:
Sinels acted as amicus curiae in a complex strike out application brought by the Solicitor-General on behalf of the defendants.  Following a failed application that Mr Jonathan Sumption QC recuse himself, the court dealt with complex constitutional, civil and criminal claims which implicated private individuals, public authorities, ministers and members of the judiciary.  The claimant alleged wholesale concealment and corruption in Jersey’s political and judicial processes in relation to crimes allegedly committed against children.  
Successfully defending a claim for damages arising from a fire:
Sinels were instructed by Cunningham Lindsay, one of the UK’s largest loss adjustment and claims management firms, to act for Axa Insurance to defend a claim for damages arising from a fire. Sinels successfully had the claim struck out for want of prosecution and recovered costs. 
Employment dispute against employee of a well known charity:
Sinels acted for a well known charity in an employment dispute against an employee. We successfully negotiated the employee's departure from the company on terms favourable to the employer. 
Breakdown of a shareholder and director relationship:
Sinels acted for the finance director of a large local telecommunications group where the director and shareholder relationships had broken down to a near irretrievable point. Sinels maintained the client’s independence which led to a restructuring and an opportunity for our client to leave the group on confidential terms. 
Pensions appeal:
Sinels successfully argued before an independent pensions appeal board that our client should be awarded a pension based upon her ill health retirement. Her pension had initially been refused on the grounds that, following the advice of medical experts, her ill health was not "permanent" and accordingly that she was not entitled to her pension until she reached normal retirement age. The appeals board upheld the appeal and her pension payments were instated with immediate effect. 
Pension dispute:
Sinels have acted in a complicated ancillary case where actuarial advice was sought in order to assist in ascertaining how best to divide a large pension. Pension disputes can be particularly difficult to resolve in Jersey because of the absence of any pension sharing legislation. 
Alleged breach of data protection:
Sinels' client was investigated for alleged breach of the data protection law whilst working for the States of Jersey. Sinels attended an interview on her behalf and were successful in ensuring that no further action was taken against our client. 
Multi-jurisdictional employment dispute:
This was a multi-jurisdictional employment dispute, with contracts in Poland and Jersey. Sinels acted for the employee and successfully negotiated settlement by mediation.  
Director of a Jersey trust company:
Sinels acted for a client who was a director of a Jersey trust company.  Sinels advised on various matters including minority shareholder's rights, breach of directors' duties and managing regulatory implications arising from potential breaches of compliance and money laundry statutes. Sinels also advised on employment law issues resulting from termination of contract. 
Substantial Jersey law trust with assets in excess of £100m:
Sinels acted for the beneficiaries of a substantial Jersey law trust with assets in excess of £100m in respect of the provision of asset protection and tax planning advice in light of certain foreign revenue schemes and forced heirship laws. 
Sinels advised the newly appointed corporate trustee in this very high profile litigation regarding a significant breakdown of relations between members of a wealthy Saudi Arabian family. The litigation involved serious and wide-ranging allegations of breach of trust and fiduciary duty. We provided strategic advice, resolving this litigation rapidly to the benefit of the ultimate clients. 
Matrimonial case with assets worth approx £1m:
Sinels represented the wife in Divorce, Ancillary and contempt of Court proceedings against the husband.  The matrimonial assets were worth approximately £1m consisting of various insurance policies, a trust company and the matrimonial home. After many years of proceedings this matter was eventually settled by agreement. Sinels successfully arranged and co-ordinated a Financial Dispute Resolution type mediation; one of the first of these types of mediations in Jersey. 
Acted for the beneficiaries of a trust which owned substantial land and property in South Africa:
Sinels acted for the beneficiaries of a trust which owned substantial land and property in South Africa.  Opportunities to sell the land for significant profit were lost as a result of improper conduct of the trustee.  Subsequently, the trustee sued a company that it owned in South Africa to recover sums it alleged were owing to it. Sinels assisted in the appointment of new trustees.
Gifts made to an unregulated English trustee:
Sinels acted for an inderdict’s curator and wife seeking to recover gifts made to an unregulated English trustee by a previous curator and the interdict’s wife, and to seek declarations that the English law trust and the transfers of assets to it are void. 
Acted for a founder trustee of a charitable trust in circumstances where an attempt was made to remove him on improper grounds:
Sinels acted for one of the founder trustees of a charitable trust in circumstances where an attempt was made to remove him on improper grounds.  Sinels secured his continued place on the council of trustees and directed the focus of the trustees back to significant core issues affecting underprivileged members of society.  
Breach of contract in respect of the transfer of a client trust portfolio to new employers. Olsen v Herald Trust Company Limited:
Sinels acted for Mr Olsen who issued a claim for breach of contract in respect of the transfer of his client trust portfolio to his new employers following his departure from his successful trust partnership business. This matter was settled shortly before trial following a mediation. 
Wealthy Saudi Arabian family:
Sinels advised members of an extremely high profile and wealthy Saudi Arabian family in relation to numerous and various separate proceedings and underlying issues arising in relation to the administration of a trust and its underlying web of companies.  
Indian settlor:
Sinels advised a high profile Indian settlor with interests in an airline industry in relation to enforcement against a Jersey trustee of English High Court order made in matrimonial proceedings. Sinels advised on claims against the trustee for numerous breaches of duty in trusteeship of the trust and conduct in response to English matrimonial proceedings. Sinels also advised and issued proceedings for the settlor's associates in relation to their claims regarding the assets of the trust. 
Sindi family:
Sinels advised the younger brothers of the Sindi family in relation to a breakdown in family relations with the elder brother as head of the family monopolising the family's wealth for his own ends. 
Kuwati family:
Sinels acted for an exiled Kuwaiti family as beneficiaries of a trust and their trustee in an action against the former trustee and its investment advisor in respect of significant losses sustained when the dotcom bubble burst. 
Mumbai family:
Sinels advised a high profile Indian family based in Mumbai involved in the textiles industry (being the supplier to many European High Street stores) in relation to a breakdown in family relations.