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Our service is to provide sound quality legal advice alongside the aims and objectives of our clients.

We seek to understand and focus on all client needs, as we appreciate the importance and critical nature of seeking legal advice and we have extensive experience in all manner of disputes whether they be multi-million claims against a financial institution or government body, a private trust matter, or a complex and emotional divorce. We have been providing legal services for decades and appeared in some of the Island’s highest profile cases. Our experience also includes successful resolutions through mediations and other forms of dispute resolution. We have experience in acting in multi-jurisdiction matters, often providing general oversight and coordination of litigation in several jurisdictions at once. We are a conflict-free and independent law firm, as we have no association with a financial services provider. We are mainly plaintiff-led, which involves resilience and practical case management against better resourced defendants and their expensive magical circle lawyers. We hold our own and triumph in these situations.

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"With Sinels looking after my personal and business affairs, I feel a sense of security."

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Our Expertise

Commercial & Civil Disputes

Those who renege on contracts or act with fraudulent intent can devastate businesses, enterprises and individuals, jeopardising both livelihoods and lives. These actions require a response that is both protective of those who have suffered loss and aggressive in pursuing the responsible parties to obtain compensation.

Trust Disputes & Litigation

Sinels are specialists in trust law and litigation, meeting the needs of our private and corporate clients from simple maladministration to breaches of trust and fraud.


We specialise in cost effective cutting edge family/matrimonial legal solutions

Construction & Building Work Disputes

A practice that sometimes occurs in the construction industry is of leaving the final bill of a contractor unpaid. This can break an honest contractor’s business, particularly a smaller one.

Wills & Probate

We provide both pre and post-probate solutions. We have effected stellar results in relation to disputed estates for both executors and beneficiaries

Professional Negligence

Complex disputes can arise as to the nature and extent of that duty of care and the specific roles and duties of those in authority.

Fraud & Financial Mis-selling

Fraud has many faces and its effects can be terminal for both individuals and small to medium sized businesses. Fraud ranges from: dishonestly obtaining goods or credit, to institutionalised racketeering involving teams of people who operate at a high level of sophistication and dishonest conduct by institutions freely given clients trust. Sinels have a developed a deep understanding of fraud and fraudsters. We have a track record of obtaining restitution for victims.

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