Amar Alwitry Vs States Employment Board

The Government has agreed to pay £2.4m out of court to settle a long-running legal battle with an eye surgeon, who was unfairly sacked just one week before he started his job at the hospital nine years ago.

We have acted for Mr Alwitry, who has been supported by the British Medical Association, throughout this long-running dispute. This included through investigations by the then Solicitor General, the States Complaints Board, and 2 sets of proceedings. The first dealt with novel issues in relation to data protection in which Mr Alwitry sought access to his personal data held by the States Employment Board and Minister for Health and Social Services – where the Court ruled in Mr Alwitry’s favour. The second dealt with important issues in relation to contract and employment law in which Mr Alwitry pursued a claim for breach of contract – which the Court also found in Mr Alwitry’s favour.

The litigation had been hard fought – including the States Employment Board unsuccessfully seeking appeals before the Court of Appeal and the Privy Council – before the parties reaching a resolution by negotiation.

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