Jersey Uncovered

A sickening child-abuse scandal, a U.S. journalist banned from the jurisdiction simply for trying to conduct an investigation, financial scandals, endemic corruption and cover-ups galore.

Is Jersey truly immoral to a degree that is scarcely believable or is it misunderstood? An attorney who is based on the island reveals all.

Presented by: PHILIP SINEL, Senior Partner, Sinels (Jersey)

Recorded on November 24, 2015 during The OffshoreAlert Conference in London at The Grange St. Paul's Hotel.

OffshoreAlert is an independent news website founded in 1997 by investigative reporter David Marchant and offers news, documents & intelligence about businesses and individuals operating in Offshore Financial Centers, with an emphasis on fraud investigations. OffshoreAlert also holds conferences in North America and Europe tailored for the offshore world. OffshoreAlert is generally considered to be a leading authority on OFCs and serious financial.

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