Introducing our blog: ‘Sinels EQ’

“All men by nature desire to know” … Aristotle

Why Sinels EQ?

Blogging about legal matters should be written by ‘those in the know’ in order to be informative, newsworthy and thought-provoking. That is why we are launching our blog - Sinels EQ.

Sinels EQ draws on its aspects of acumen and knowledge to produce intelligent blogging; we’ve had 30 years of experience in the legal industry and we are fortunate to work with clever people with valuable insights and analysis.

Our blog gives us the opportunity to look at local and international legal issues, decisions and events of interest. The platform allows the written word to reach a cross section of audiences, bursting vacuums as they cross international borders.

As a firm, we believe IQ alone is not enough; EQ also matters. Our communications are written in the spirit of EQ - We strive to continue to develop the mature emotional intelligence skills required to better understand, empathize and negotiate with other people.

Legal decisions on their own without informed commentary do not always translate into accessible information, hence the blog.

Independent blogging is increasing as the relevance and perceived integrity of the mainstream media diminishes.

By way of example, the Jersey Evening Post our local newspaper has lost 35% of its readership in the last 10 years internationally mainstream media has failed on many occasions to provide accurate analysis.

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Food for thought…

We look forward to bringing you our blogs - offering authoritative, expert and intelligent content with insight, integrity and heart.

Sinels has been telling it like it is for 30 years, we provide accurate and focused insight and advice to clients from all over the world. We hope that you find our blog informative and thought provoking.

All cases and situations turn up their own facts, a blog, article or commentary is not advice and should not be seen as such.

We do not publish comments but feedback and expressions of interest in other topics can be sent to

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