Recently, I encountered a distressing situation involving a young individual who received a second dose of the COVID vaccine despite experiencing illness following the first dose. Unfortunately, their condition worsened significantly, and they continue to battle with their health.

Some have questioned why I am only now addressing this issue, and the simple answer is that I had not been approached earlier. However, someone shared with me an enlightening article from the Harvard Business Review, which highlights Jersey's remarkable success in persuading its residents to view vaccines as safe through mass persuasion techniques.

Furthermore, the Chairman of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy recently wrote a letter to Mr. Sunak, ”unreservedly condemning the UK Government’s use of unethical phycological techniques intended to elicit feelings of fear shame and guilt”. This letter can be found in its entirety in the Daily Sceptic.

It is important to note that the legal profession can provide assistance exclusively to individuals seeking help. If anyone believes they have suffered direct or indirect harm due to a vaccine, I encourage them to seek support from professionals in the fields of law and medicine. They can offer guidance and support during such challenging times.

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