Sinels has extensive experience in all types of commercial and civil disputes.

This ranges from straightforward debt claims to large complex and novel claims with multi-jurisdictional issues involved. We have a proven track record of litigating against government departments, banks, and other financial institutions.

Our independence enables us to act for nearly all clients in virtually all situations.

We deal with all issues adopting the appropriate level of urgency, force or sensitivity that is required. As well as full scale-litigation, Sinels fully understands and appreciates the benefits of negotiation and other forms of dispute resolution and is well versed in same. The firm also can be intelligence-led as it has strong links to Sintel and other intelligence agencies and is fully aware of intelligence practices and how they may be best utilised.

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Further reading and case studies

Most claims these days involve breaches of contract or terms alleged to apply between the parties. Sinels regularly advises on the construction and enforcement of terms. Further, we have been involved in some of the most high-profile cases where the Court has had to consider the Jersey law of contract. Marett v Marett.

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Sinels can and does act for those facing disciplinary or regulatory investigation or facing penalties from public / professional bodies or regulatory authorities. W v Jersey Financial Services Commission; In the Matter of Police Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures (Jersey) Order 2000 [Anonymous]

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Sinels has handled arguably the most complex and high-profile employment case that has come before the Royal Court and Court of Appeal in Jersey which considered important issues of contract law and employment law. Alwitry v The States Employment Board.

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Sinels possesses the capability and actively engages in handling planning and building disputes. With years of experience working with builders, architects, engineers, and developers, Sinels has represented all parties involved in a wide range of construction disputes. One notable case where Sinels demonstrated their expertise is the Degano Limited v Houzé Construction Limited dispute.

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Sinels can and does act in planning and building disputes. Sinels has many years’ experience in dealing with builders, architects, engineers and developers and has acted on all sides in relation to varying types of construction dispute. Sir Bob Murray v Camerons Limited.

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Sinels also has a deep understanding of fraud, fraudsters and corporate misadventures. We have a proven track record of obtaining restitution for victims of fraud or those mis-sold financial products. See Mayo Associates SA and others v Cantrade Private Bank Switzerland (CI) Limited and others.

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Sinels is routinely instructed in relation to injunctions and was involved in one of the first – if not the first – search order granted on the Island. See Nautech Services Limited v CSS Limited and others.

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