Obtaining Restitution

Sinels assists clients in recovering losses following their purchase of defective financial products. We have obtained some very significant financial settlements for both individuals and corporates.


We have also advised on protective pre-sale measures including researching the person or entity promoting the product, asking for evidence to validate the promises made and becoming fully informed of the potential risks, hidden costs, and potential for compensation if the investment fails. We ask questions borne out of experience.

Front End Loading

As a firm, our approach to investigations of all suspected institutional or private misconduct includes the commissioning of intelligence and expert reports whenever possible. We “front end load” which means we gather as much of the information and facts available as is humanly possible before proceeding to advise and litigate. We have an existing network of experts and investigators who have and can assist with opining on an array of financial products. Sintel Global has extensive knowledge of and intelligence gathering in respect of all types of fraud including mis-sold products by financial institutions.

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By speaking to our colleagues in this field who are based in other jurisdictions, we cross-fertilise our knowledge and expertise. In approaching sources of intelligence in a methodical way it can be possible to find whistle-blowers prepared to give highly detailed information as to how the fraudsters operated.

Technical experts can be found who can draw comparison between what was sold with what should have been sold.

What we have discovered and some of the cases we have successfully pursued form the subject of a book currently being written by Philip Sinel, Senior Partner.

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Dispute Resolution Services

Fraud Claims

Fraud has many faces and its effects can be terminal for both individuals and small to medium sized businesses. Fraud ranges from: dishonestly obtaining goods or credit, to institutionalised racketeering involving teams of people who operate at a high level of sophistication and dishonest conduct by institutions freely given clients trust. Sinels have a developed a deep understanding of fraud and fraudsters. We have a track record of obtaining restitution for victims.

Financial Mis-selling Claims

Institutions can be very good at mis-selling because there remains a common misconception that big businesses are run by the great and the good and are almost by definition reputable. We are past masters at analysing financial transactions and working out how the value was extracted by the vendor.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

In every relationship, as people and companies are going about their lives and businesses, and in particular those in which commercial transactions are made there is the risk of disagreement and breakdown. This is why it is vital to have processes in place that help to mitigate risk, preempt any potentially contentious issues that may arise and solve them if they do.


Injunctions can be very useful legal instruments for preventing ongoing harm while further legal remedies are sought. The Courts have, for many years, granted this type of relief in relation to fraudsters. Sinels have expertise and knowledge in obtaining injunctions and frequently advise on the options open to clients regarding protection of their rights.

Construction Disputes

We have many years experience in dealing with builders, architects, engineers and building owners.

Professional Negligence

Professional liability claims within the financial services and banking sectors, construction industry, legal accountancy and tax advisory and other sectors can run into millions of pounds.

Debt and Asset Recovery

Sinels specialises in high-value debt recovery. Further, Sinels has additional resources and experience in such matters by virtue of its close connection with a high-value debt collection agency, Restitution [LINK], and intelligence agency Sintel Global [LINK] which has helped numerous individuals, institutions, companies and governments respond promptly to enforcing cross-border debt and asset recovery and solving complex projects and legal disputes.

Contractual Disputes

Contract law provides a framework for voluntary agreements between two or more responsible individuals or entities. They are the foundation of commerce and activities of all kinds. Contracts are legally binding and may be enforced in court in the event of breach. Sinels advise clients on disputes involving breaches of contract and how they may be resolved or enforced through negotiation, mediation or litigation.

Employment Disputes

Employer and employee disputes are on the rise. Sinels has handled some of the most complex of these because we are truly independent, we have done it many times before. We have routinely acted for employees in some of the Island's highest value, hardest fought and most contentious cases including Amar Alwitry.


In the traditional sense, insolvency covers all the common forms of rescue, re-organisation, liquidation and debt relief processes available for natural persons or corporate entities. Sinels offer a straightforward approach to matters of insolvency, assisting clients with both local, foreign cross-border insolvency issues with practical expediency.

Trust Litigation

We have been successfully suing trustees for beneficiaries and settlors for decades. We have obtained numerous multi-million pound settlements.

Regulatory / Professional Body Issues

The public authorities and agencies that hold sway over many areas of industry and society these days update regulations at a pace that makes it a real challenge for all who are responsible for compliance. Sinels advises on regulatory changes, common regulatory issues, process, director’s duties and liabilities, and compliance within specific industries, to give our clients the upper-hand. We have acted for many accused of misconduct.