Sinels advises on all aspects of divorce, dissolution of civil partnerships and separation, whether they be issues in relation to children or the finances and any ancillary relief claims.

Sinels can and does act for separating spouses. This often involves emotional, as well as legal, support – particularly if the only way to resolve the matter is through a formal Court process. Sinels understands and appreciates the stress and cost Court proceedings can take on the parties and where possible will seek to settle matters through negotiation and other forms of dispute resolution. Sinels has successful settled many of its matrimonial cases through negotiation, mediation and FDRs.

In most cases, the finances relative to the marriage are known. Accordingly, applying the relevant principles that the Court will use to determine a fair split can be pretty precise enabling the parties to reach agreement. However, there are cases where the finances are not easily determined and the separating spouse with knowledge of their wealth may seek to keep such matters unknown. Sinels has experience in high-net-worth divorces and cases which involve hostile spouses and complex structures designed to obscure the separating spouse’s assets. Sinels, as a highly experienced commercial litigation firm with accounting and intelligence support, is well equipped to deal with these extreme cases.

For a straightforward divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership, where all other matters are agreed, Sinels offer a low fixed cost solution.

Where separation, and not necessarily a divorce of dissolution of a civil partnership, is being considered, Sinels can advise together with assisting in respect of any legal separation agreement.

Even if there is no separation or intended separation on the horizon, it may be appropriate to consider what agreements should be put in place. For example, co-habitation agreements, prenuptial or postnuptial settlements. Sinels can assist with advising or drafting such documents.

If differences result in a parting of ways, we can safeguard our clients when tough decisions are made. Whether life runs to plan or goes awry, we support our clients in obtaining and safeguarding matrimonial assets.

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