Fraud & Financial Mis-Selling

Fraud ranges from: dishonestly obtaining goods or credit, to institutionalised racketeering involving teams who operate at a high level of sophistication and dishonest conduct by institutions freely given clients trust. Sinels have developed a deep understanding of fraud and fraudsters; and has a track record of obtaining restitution for victims.

Sinels also has a track record in financial mis-selling claims. Institutions can be very good at mis-selling because there remains a common misconception that big businesses are run by the great and the good and are almost by definition reputable. Sinels are past masters at analysing financial transactions and working out how the value was extracted by the vendor and remedying overpayments. Of the claims that Sinels has pursued on behalf of its clients who have been mis-sold products by banks and financial institutions, such matters have been settled in pre-action negotiations or in settlement discussions at a fairly early stage in the proceedings.

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