Sinels advises on will / probate disputes whether arising from a conflict among the beneficiaries or the conduct / duties of an executor.

If matters cannot be resolved out of Court then formal proceedings will be required. As a highly experienced commercial litigation firm, Sinels is well equipped to deal with the matters.

Sinels has been successfully advising heirs as to their inheritance rights for decades. In respect of wills the main issues include (i) what assets are included in the will(s), (ii) has someone has been left out (by accident or on purpose), and (iii) did the testator have capacity? Sinels can be a calm presence and advisory stalwart in the most contentious of will disputes, even those involving bitterness, hostility, coercion and fraud, all of which Sinels has experienced.

Applying for a Grant of Probate

There are often quite significant undertakings to fulfil the last wishes of a loved one’s estate including, in Jersey and similar jurisdictions, applying for a Grant of Probate. For the appointed person, this provides the legal right to administer the estate. This process is commonly referred to as probate. Sinels can assist with such applications and provide advice in respect of related matters.

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